Hair Replacement, Hair Extension In Scarsdale, Stanford, Greenville

Low Light Laser Hair Therapy:

LLLT treatments are an innovative treatment to reduce hair loss, improve volume & texture and even re-grow new hair.

Our Laser Hair Program includes 2 weekly visits for 30 min session along with a prescribed regime of treatment including FDA approved activators, proven DHT blocking agents and natural topical agents to remedy your hair loss.

Please remember that each individual’s hair loss depends on several factors and your participation and dedication is important to maintaining a healthy scalp environment.

Adam & Eve Medical Solutions:

We offer many non-surgical hair loss solutions due to medical conditions such as Alopecia, Trichitillomania and Chemotherapy hair loss

Any of these conditions can be extremely frustrating and have a negative effect on a person's self esteem.

We have several cost effective solutions from full cap prosthesis to extensions to help remedy these issues.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions:

We are an exclusive Great Lengths provider studio.

This is the finest hair available in today’s marketplace.

Our operators have been certified and have attended the most intensive and effective training through Great Lengths in order to deliver optimum service and application.